That Was Offensive: 14-7


That was pretty gross. One thing I find odd is how much Twins fans climb all over Scott Baker whenever he has a rough start. Is it because he is nominally our ace? It’s not Scott Baker’s fault there was no one better to start on Opening Day. Truth is, I’ve thought Slowey was better than Baker for awhile. Baker is a good to really good pitcher, but he’s no ace. Expecting him to be one all of a sudden is like expecting Nick Punto to be a 20 homer guy. Baker is who he is, a 3.80 to 4.05 FIP guy who neither strikes anyone out nor walks anyone. He’s no ace, but he’s been pretty healthy throughout his career, and threw 200 innings last year. That has value. So let’s lay off.

Best Twins hitter: Jim Thome (+.192)

Worst Twins hitter: Delmon Young (-.064)

Best Twins pitcher: Alex Burnett (+.162)

Worst Twins pitcher: Scott Baker (-.287)

Most important play: Brennan Boesch double (-.185)