Another Series Win: 11-4


I guess I shouldn’t be too cocky about series wins, cause you never know when they’ll go away, but damn the Twins are good lately. If Liriano pitches like this all year, watch out American League. His fastball will never ever be back, but his slider was absolutely filthy tonight. I can’t wait to look at the Pitch f/x from that one.

Also, the Twins now lead the AL in walks allowed and walks taken. That’s how you win baseball games. The Twins were able to get David Huff out of the game early even though they had only gotten 3 hits because they took so many walks. This, of course, allows them to get to the bullpen and, in the 2nd and 3rd games of a series, feast on some tired arms. This is some confirmation bias here, but I’ve been wanting the Twins to have an offense like this for years and lo and behold.

Best Twins hitter: Denard Span (+.184)

Worst Twins hitter: Orlando Hudson (-.104)

Best Twins pitcher: Francisco Liriano (+.333)

Worst Twins pitcher: Jesse Crain (+.003)

Most important play: Asdrubal Cabrera double play (+.163)

Total contribution by lineup: +.164

Total contribution by staff: +.336