I Hate You Justin Morneau: 6-3


OK not really, but his AB with the bases loaded in the 7th sure didn’t help matters any. Not much to say about this game other than Slowey wasn’t very efficient with his pitches, the Twins didn’t have many great at-bats, and not having a good outfield defense bit us in the ass for the first time this year.

Best Twins hitter: Denard Span (+.145 WPA)

Worst Twins hitter: JJ Hardy (-.169 WPA)

Best Twins pitcher: Pat Neshek (+.123 WPA)

Worst Twins pitcher: Jesse Crain (-.224 WPA)

Most important play: Morneau’s fly-out (-.154 WPA)

Total contribution from lineup: -.358 WPA

Total contribution from staff: -.142 WPA