Opening It In Style: 6-2


Wow it feels great to open Target Field with a win. Seriously, what a ballpark. I will always miss the Metrodome and its quirks and the way teams hated to come in there and play, but on days like today the Dome is merely an afterthought. There were very nearly some tears just watching the pregame: the Twins have basically a 5 star restaurant in left field, and yet walleye on a stick never looked more appetizing. Today’s game wasn’t about stats at all, but here we go:

Carl Pavano: 6 IP, 1 R, 4K, 1BB, 0 HR

Jon Lester: 5 IP, 4R, 5K, 3BB, 0 HR

Best Twins hitter: Jason Kubel (+.122 WPA)

Worst Twins hitter: Justin Morneau (-.078 WPA)

Best Twins pitcher: Carl Pavano (+.231 WPA)

Worst Twins pitcher: Brian Duensing (+.020 WPA)

Most important play: Cuddyer’s single (+.093 WPA)

Contribution by lineup: +.167 WPA

Contribution by staff: +.333 WPA