Beating The White Sox Always Feels Good. 4-1


Nice to see the Twins put up a “clutch” victory. Francisco Liriano struggled with walks and his control in general, but still managed to put in 6 innings, giving up 3 runs. And it just as easily could have been 1 (of course, on the flip side, it could have just as easily been 6). The bats weren’t great, and the trend of not hitting with RISP continues, but it’s nice to see they didn’t have to be for a night. And probably the best part was that the Twins took the lead in the inning that Joe Mauer pinch hit, and thus he didn’t have to catch more than one inning. Stats time!

Twins SP: Francisco Liriano (6 IP, 3R, 3K, 5BB, 0 HR)

Sox SP: John Danks (6 IP, 2R, 6K, 1BB, 0HR)

Most contribution by a hitter: JJ Hardy (+.313 WPA)

Least contribution by a hitter: Jason Kubel (-.255 WPA)

Most contribution by a pitcher: Matt Guerrier (+.306 WPA)

Least contribution by a pitcher: Francisco Liriano (-.159 WPA)

Most important play: Hardy’s single (+.331 WPA)

Total contribution by hitters: -.030 WPA

Total contribution by pitchers: +.530 WPA