Meet Your New Backup Outfielder


The Mariners just designated outfielder Ryan Langerhans for assignment. Far from being a guy the Twins should just sign to a minor league deal, Langerhans should have a major league job tomorrow as our 4th outfielder. Langerhans isn’t a great hitter, but his career .231/.332/.379 line is better than Alexi Casilla’s, and his defense is outstanding: For his career his glove has been worth roughly 26 runs.

Langerhans’s career UZR/150 in centerfield is a bit below average (-7.5 runs), but as a fill in for Denard Span he works better than anyone currently on our roster, or anyone we could logically use from our system. Langerhans could also be used as a defensive replacement for Michael Cuddyer in right (23.1 UZR/150) or for Delmon Young/Jason Kubel in left (17.6 UZR/150). Langerhans is someone who has real MLB value, is someone who fits the Twins needs, and is cheap. He should be signed immediately.

Casilla would probably be the guy released, although I think it’s almost a horse apiece between him and Brendan Harris. Regardless, there should be no need to go into detail about how Langerhans is better, and better for the Twins, than either of them.