Hi, Everybody!


I’m gonna make this quick: my name is Erin and I’ll be a contributing writer for this blog from now on. I guess Fetch decided his blog needed more 15 year-old Simpsons references, so he brought me on board. He said I could write whatever I wanted as long as I posted at least once a week. I think we’ll get along just fine. I have another blog, which you can read here, though I’ll be doing all of my Twins-related writing over here from now on. Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter here.

[Edit] More stuff about me:

I am an accounting major at the University of St. Thomas. I got into blogging when I got laid off from my job, and before I started school, when I didn’t really have anything else to do besides whine about my favorite baseball team. Oh, and I have an acute interest in math and science, which is how I got into sabermetrics.

I have been a Twins fan my entire life. Of course, they did win two World Series when I was a little kid. I was five when they won it all in ’87, and nine when they did it again in ’91. I decided a team that could win world championships every four years was definitely worth following.

I hope to continue the proud Twinkie Talk tradition of in-depth analysis mixed with a wicked sense of humor. Or, failing that, post obscure music videos.

Oh, and I met lead writer Steve Fetch through Twitter. I have never actually met him in person, but he seems like a cool guy. Hey, he let me write for his blog.