Twins Top Prospects: #7


Well, we’re back. After my nice 2 week hiatus while the Olympics were on (seriously, a 2 week break every two years is the least I should get) I’m back to count from 7 to 1 and finish up the best prospects in the Twins organization. Today’s prospect is……

Who: Angel Morales

Position: OF

How acquired: 2007 Draft (3rd round)

Highest level reached in 2009: A

Angel Morales will be just 21, assuming I did my math correctly, for the 2010 season, so he is still extremely raw. He is big and strong, and has some of the best raw power of any player in the minors. Still, there are holes in his game. For one, his plate discipline is terrible. He had a .322 ISO in rookie ball in 2008 (seriously, not a typo) and then had a very good .189 last year, but he coupled that with a strikeout rate of 27.7%, which was also the lowest of his career.

The lower strikeout rate could be a good thing, but he also lowered his walk rate from 11.9% to just 7.2%. That, coupled with the fact that he had a “normal” BABIP for the first time in his career, saw his OBP dip to just .329 (though due to his immense power his wOBA was still a very good .361). I like Morales plenty, I just don’t love him. I wonder if his decline in ISO, K rate and BB rate all mean that he’s focusing on just putting the ball in play more rather than trying to utilize that power.

In any event, the guy is a speedster who can play a good centerfield (though assuming he and Aaron Hicks eventually occupy the same OF, Morales will be in right) which will help out the Twins fly-ball heavy staff. He has a strong arm and has 20/20 potential once he gets experience stealing bases. I am very excited about how Morales will turn out, but some minor plate discipline concerns keep him down at #7 for me this year. Hopefully next year I look like an idiot.