Jacque Jones Is Back


The Twins have signed former (and I guess now current again) Twin Jacque Jones to a minor league deal. Jones also has an invitation to spring training. Star Tribune writer Joe Christensen tweeted that if Jacque doesn’t make the major league club (he won’t) he will have no problems playing in the minors.

Jones hasn’t played in the majors since 2008, and this is basically just a PR move, but still Jones was one of my favorite Twins back in the day so it’s good to see him again.

In other news, the twins have made their roster move corresponding with the Orlando Hudson signing. In a mild surprise, Jason Pridie is the one to go. I think we all thought that he would be the guy to get the call if Denard Span got hurt.

Pridie has already been claimed by the Mets. Pridie isn’t good enough to warrant a roster spot on most teams (like the Mets) but I think held some value to the Twins due to his ability to play CF. Still, I would like you all to join me in some hearty laughter at Omar Minaya. Dave Cameron is down.