Twins Sign Thome; I Hate Life [Update: Only 1.5 million? I Love Life!]


According to the Twitters of the Pioneer Press and MLBTR (MLBTR one linked cause I’m too lazy to find the Press’s) the Twins have inked Jim Thome to a one year deal that is heavily incentive based.

Thome’s wOBA has declined each of the last three years, but he was still worth some 23 runs above average last year as a DH. I suspect Thome will see the majority of his action in pinch hitting scenarios as the Twins have lacked some power off the bench, although I suppose it is possible that the Twins will make him the primary DH and shift Delmon Young to the bench.

Defensively the Twins wouldn’t take too much of a hit putting Kubel in left and Young on the bench, as Young has a career UZR/150 of -18.9 in left, whereas Kubel’s is -18.1, although he doesn’t have too many innings out there.

In any event, Thome is what he is: a lefty who only does well against righties, who can only pinch hit or DH. It strikes me as a waste of a roster spot, and could take at bats away from developing guys, but as long as his base salary is low I don’t have too much of a problem with it, title be damned.