On Jim Thome


All week long I begged. I pleaded. I prayed. Please don’t make me write a post on this Jim Thome nonsense.


Jim Thome has, in the last three years, had wOBAs of .367, .370 and .410 the past three seasons. Even with an alarmingly high strikeout rate, Thome can still hit the ball, especially righties. But he isn’t a good fit for the Twins.

The Twins have basically 5 million dollars to spend and, depending on what they do with the bullpen and stuff, one roster spot with which to work. My question to you Twins fans is this:

Would you rather have Jim Thome, who basically would only pinch hit and DH every so often, and probably both Tolbert and Casilla, or would you rather DFA Tolbert, sign Orlando Hudson and sign/trade for/promote random backup centerfielder. I thought so.