Arbitration Agreements: Pitchers


And we’re back! Like I said when reviewing the hitters, I’m glad we got all this nonsense done today and didn’t have to go to any hearings.

Jesse Crain

Crain got roughly 2 million from the Twins. His walk rate climbed to 4.70/9, which is very steep, but he did improve as the season went along. I think he could prove to be a valuable trade chip next offseason as the Twins look to integrate some younger relievers.

Matt Guerrier

Guerrier gets 3.15, which I am a fan of. He’s one of the best relievers in baseball and is well worth the 3.15 mil.

Francisco Liriano

Liriano got 1.5 million. For all the struggles people thought he had last year, his xFIP was just 4.55. He’s having a strong year in the Dominican Winter Legaue this year, although I am on the record of being extremely skeptical of winter league stats. If he can return to 80% of what he was in 2006, he will be a very nice addition to an already strong rotation.

Carl Pavano

Pavano got 7 million. Some people, most notably baseball moron Jon Heyman are saying bad move. I say good move. He was worth north of 16 million last year via Fangraphs, and while that’s not the be all end all, it is positive reinforcement that 7 million for Pavs is the right move. He had a 4 FIP last year, and walked less than 2 batters per 9. As a #3 starter/staff leader, Pavano provides tons of value.