Arbitration Agreements: Hitters


First of all, let me say that it’s a good thing that the Twins were able to come to agreements with all arbitration eligible players. I think there were a couple cases they could have won (more on that later) but generally it’s better than there won’t be any hard feelings going into the 2010 season. Let’s get started:

Delmon Young

2.5 million for Delmon Young is awful. Granted it’s not terribly worth it to get your panties in a bunch over a 1 year contract for 2.5 million, but Young is awful. His walk rates have gone down and his strikeout rates have gone up, yet people think he is due for a breakout. Even if he does have a breakout year, which for Delmon would be something like a .340 wOBA, he’s still one of the worst defensive corner outfielders in the majors.

JJ Hardy

Hardy got 5.1 million. He had an awful year last year at the plate, but a great deal of that was due to BABIP. His peripherals have stayed close to his career norms, and as has been widely chronicled he is a defensive wiz at short. I think they probably could have gotten away with less money due to his poor traditional stats last year, but a good signing nonetheless.

Brendan Harris

Harris gets 3.2 million over 2 years. Not sure I get it. He’s had .318 and .295 wOBAs in his two years with the Twins. He also is a poor defender at short, where a backup infielder needs to be able to play. He has a career -9.9 UZR/150 at short and a career -6.8 UZR/150 at third. I think Harris is a great guy, but this signing was probably a mistake.

I’ll be back later to run through the pitchers.