Twins Top 15 Prospects: Number 12


Who: Billy Bullock

Position: RHP

How acquired: 2009 Draft

Highest level in 2009: NCAA (Florida)

Billy Bullock was a 2nd round pick by the Twins in the 2nd round of this past draft. Bullock has a tall lean frame and is very projectable. He stands about 6’6″, 225 lbs. Almost exactly what you would want from your pitcher.

Unlike last year’s 1st round pick Carlos Gutierrez, the Twins will no doubt leave Bullock as a reliever, and I think eventually he is Joe Nathan’s successor. Bullock can sit in the low 90s, but I think as he develops and is used primarily as a reliever he will be able to regularly hit 95-96 on the gun.

Having a guy who is most certainly going to be a reliever in the future this high can be dangerous, because a failed starter can slot right into the bullpen, but I think that Bullock will be an impact type guy in the pen.