Washburn Turns Down Offer From Twins


In what will go down as the greatest turn of events since I talked that 6th grader into kissing me when I was a Freshman in college in 4th grade, Jarrod Washburn has turned down a 1 year 5 million dollar offer from the Twins.

If you had come up with a wishlist for the Twins 2009 offseason, a 36 year old who is projected for a 4.73 FIP would have to be at the top right? Not to mention one that would cost 5+ million dollars, when we already have a cheaper, younger version in Francisco Liriano.

Washburn had an ERA of 2.64 in Seattle, while he had an ERA of 7.33 in Detroit. It’s not hard to see why: Seattle had the best OF defense in the majors, whereas Detroit’s was good, but not great. Also, Safeco Park kills right handed power hitters, the same type of hitters that kill Jarrod Washburn.

On behalf of Twins fans everywhere: thank you Scott Boras and Jarrod Washburn