My Hall Of Fame Ballot


With the results set to be released in a little over a week (I think anyways) I figured I would jot down my Hall Of Fame ballot with some quick explanation.You can vote for a max of 10, but I don’t have that many don’t worry.

Bert Blyleven – My thoughts on Blyleven are well-documented, but he is the best eligible player who isn’t in. Get him in there.

Tim Raines – Raines is perhaps the 2nd best leadoff hitter of all time behind Rickey. He reached base more times than Tony Gwynn

Roberto Alomar – Alomar had very steady production throughout his career, and finished about 1 WAR behind Raines. The best 2B of the 90s gets in.

Barry Larkin – Really good defender for the most part. Toiled in relative obscurity, but HOF worthy

Edgar Martinez – Yes I realize he was a DH, but even without defensive value and getting hammered by positional adjustments, he still has put up the 66th highest WAR of all time.

Mark McGwire – Hit a ton, walked a ton. Steroids or not, it’s good enough for me.

Alan Trammell – One of the best defenders of all time.

I’d also like to throw out a sympathy vote for Roger Maris, because he’s a North Dakotan, and also because he still has the single season homerun record.