Potential Third Baseman Off The Market


Tomahawk Take reports that the Braves have signed Troy Glaus to a one year deal to play first base.

A few Twins fans I’ve talked to had mentioned Glaus as a potential third baseman for 2010. Glaus had a great year in 2008, putting up a .371 wOBA, but had tons of injury problems in 2009. Also, given the priority the Twins place on defense (or at least say they place on defense) Glaus’s glove isn’t good enough. He had a good year in 2008 (+5.2 runs) but he’s had more years in the negative than in the positive.

Glaus’s best role in Minnesota likely would have been a third baseman/backup 1B/DH, but given that we have a bevy of players for those roles, he wouldn’t have been a good fit.

Of course, what should be done is having Cuddyer and Kubel platoon at DH, signing/trading for a real centerfielder, and move Delmon to right.

But that makes too much sense for the Twins to do.