Site Of The Day


In an effort to give you guys an idea of the blogs I like to read, and the ones you should be reading as well, I am going to start doing a Site of the Day here at Twinkie Talk. Now, knowing me it won’t really be a new site every day, but I figure this is a catchier title than Site of the Whenever I Feel Like It.

Today we start off with one of our FanSided Blogs. Today’s site of the day is our Royals blog, Kings of Kauffman. Wally Fish is our Royals blogger, and also doubles as our blog leader for our baseball blogs. I know my productivity has gone up since he took over, although my quality has remained abysmally low.

Anyways, Wally has basically everything you could want from a Royals fan. Lately he has been looking at the Royals prospects in the Caribbean, and doing some general baseball posts. Go check him out.