Boof’s Replacement


The PTBNL in the Boof Bonser trade has been named, and it is 25 year old Chris Province. The 2007 4th rounder has actually posted some pretty impressive numbers. The real outlier appears to be 2008, when Province posted a 5.18 FIP. He has consistently gotten good ground ball rates in the Sox minor leagues, but a lack of strikeouts means he probably won’t ever be able to be an impact reliever.

The popular Red Sox prospects site says Province’s ability to make it to the show “rests on his ability to hone his command.” They also have this to say about the newest Twin.

"Province’s fastball sits between 87-91 mph and has a good sinking motion. He also possesses a 76-77 mph slurve with good movement, but he needs to locate it more consistently.  Good control, but struggles with command within the zone, particularly when he reaches back. Not afraid to pitch to contact, leading to mixed results. Good poise on the mound."