Twins Offer Pavano Arbitration


Praise the Lord. The Twins offered arbitration to Type B pitcher Carl Pavano. Pavano made just over 5 million last year. The Twins are discussing whether or not to bring Pavano back, but if they do it seems like a good idea. The righty had a 4.00 FIP last year, which was his best mark since 2003. If another team signs him in free agency, the Twins would get their 2nd round pick. Given the Twins recent success drafting, this would be a great thing.

If Pavano does accept arbitration, the Twins will get him for probably a slight increase in money, but it will be worth it as his production was worth over 16 million last year.

In other AL Central news, the Indians traded Kelly Shoppach to the Rays for a PTBNL. Also, the Tigers offered arbitration to Fernando Rodney and Brandon Lyon, but not to Placido Polanco. Polanco now becomes a potential target for the Twins next year.