Name That Blog!


One of the great things about being a Twins fan is the surplus of great blogs out there about our team (of course, it can also be a bad thing when I’m looking for a topic to write about and see it’s already been covered extremely well 10X over). From Those Girls to K-Bro to TwinsTarget there is no shortage of great content out there.

But today, we have a special mission involving a different blog. One of my (internet) friends Erin runs the fantastic blog Plunking Gomez. As you can tell by the name, and the recent trade the Twins made, this blog is in need of a new name (regardless of what she might say). You can’t have a name revolving around a player no longer with the Twins (well, unless it’s Blyleven, Hrbek or some other legend). Maybe she’ll pick her utility players better next time, eh?

So my challenge to you is to come up with a new name for Plunking Gomez. So far some of the names proposed are Punto Beans, Sideburned Overlord, and a bunch of ones referring to Mauer. My personal favorite (because it’s my suggestion) is to replace Gomez’s name with the name of the player that replaced him: I’ve Got a Hardy-On. In fact, I may trademark that and then make her buy it from me.

Feel free to leave a comment here giving your choice, or leave it over at her site.

Oh and while you’re there make sure to make fun of her carpal tunnel. And the fact that she’s going into accounting.