Cliff Lee pitched one of the best games in the history of the World Series last night, throwing a complete game and allowing just 1 run. Lee threw 21 changeups last night, 18 for strikes. His curveball had tons of bite. He was exhibit 1A on why radar gun readings aren’t the be all end all for pitchers: his fastest pitch was 93 mph, and he only threw it a handfull of times.

Cliff Lee had 10 strikeouts last night, but even more impressively in my book had 0 walks. The Yankees, as a team, had a .362 OBP this year. Their lineup last night had these OBPs for the season:










Good effing god. The fact that Cliff Lee didn’t allow a walk to these guys is amazing.

For the record, Lee had a .518 WPA last night, and has a 1.38 for the playoffs. Sorry, Indians fans.