Maybe There Is A Manager Worse Than Gardy


I’m too hard on Gardy apparently. Let’s go through a couple mistakes Girardi made:

1. Bringing in Rivera almost too late. You never ever ever ever under any circumstances (sans fatigue) give your team a chance to lose without its best reliever getting into the game.

2. Not letting Mo hit. First of all, Damon shouldn’t have been removed to get rid of the DH. That aside, the average pitcher as a hitter is about -.15 runs. As a pitcher he is worth about .2 runs. The Leverage Index (courtesy of Tango) to start the bottom of that inning was 2.3. You absolutely let Mo bat there, especially when considering the guy sent up there for him (Cervelli) is a negative value himself.

3. Pulling Robertson for Aceves. Robertson had a 13.98 k/9 and 3.05 FIP this year. Aceves? 4.03 FIP. Plus, in an extra inning game, using a pitcher to get a couple outs is counter productive. Let him go a couple innings. I have no idea what Howie Kendrick’s numbers vs. Robertson were compared to vs. Aceves, but he didn’t have enough plate appearances vs. either to make a difference.

As a temporary Angels fan, thanks Girardi!