Managerial Mistakes


The situation: Huston Street on to close. Ryan Howard at the plate. Runners on 1st and 2nd, two outs. The question: why is Street in the game? Ryan Howard this year hit .279/.360/.571. Vs lefties however, he hit .207/.298/.356. Joe Beimel is very good against lefties, but more importantly he throws with his left hand. That’s all you need to do to get Ryan Howard out. But because managers treat the job of closer as some magical role, the best pitcher didn’t come into the game.

Jim Tracy will likely be the NL Manager of the Year because of the huge 2nd half surge the Rockies went on. Troy Tulowitzki waking up and having a great 2nd half had more to do with the Rockies making the playoffs than Tracy did. The difference between righties and lefties in Ryan Howard is basically a backup player and Albert Pujols. Why Tracy made that move is befuddling.

The next inning, Charlie Manuel sent out Willie Eyre, a lefty who had never closed before, because two lefties were due up for Colorado. Maybe he should be the Manager of the Year.