Twins Salvage Split


I really don’t have much desire to write today, but the Twins bounced back to salvage a split with the Tigers, staying 2 games back. Scott Baker earned his 15th win of the season. Orlando Cabrera was the hitting star, going 2 for 5 with a big 3 RBI double.

There was some tension in the game as Scott Baker drilled Marcus Thames. Then, Thames tried to take out Cabrera while sliding into second. Later, Baker threw one towards Thames’s head, although that was simply a breaking ball that got away. In the 7th, Jose Mijares threw at Adam Everett, resulting in a warning and Jim Leyland’s ejection. Then, the next inning, Jeremy Bonderman hit Delmon Young in the leg. Young then spiked his helmet and yelled at Jose Mijares, confusing a fat Mexican who can pitch well with a dumb looking white guy who sucks. Perhaps Young’s brain is in his knee, which would explain why it is so small.

To me this is a non-issue. Mijares did throw at Everett on his own, and probably shouldn’t have, but there’s no reason for Young to be pissed at Mijares. Charge the mound if you have to. Or better yet, punch Cabrera so you can get him suspended.

The Twins next take on the Royals, and probably need a sweep, while the Tigers take the White Sox and need to win less than 2 games (assuming the Twins sweep) to extend the season.

Playoff Odds: 8.2%