It’s Go Time


This is it, kids. Twins v. Tigers. Four games to decide the AL Central. The Twins have their four best pitchers going, while the Tigers have their ace and three other guys. Not that said three other guys are bad, but there is no one in there as good as Verlander, nor is there anyone in there who inspires less confidence than throwing Jeff Manship out there would.

Tomorrow’s matchup pits Nick Blackburn (4.45 FIP) against Rick Porcello (4.85). They are remarkably similar pitchers. Neither misses many bats, but Blackburn walks a batter per 9 less than Porcello does. Since Comerica park is a big park, it is paramount that the Twins start Carlos Gomez in centerfield. Normally it is important, but for the next four games it is super important. I can’t state this any more clearly to Gardy.

I’m not sure I like our chances if Gomez isn’t in center, although since Morales has been playing most days, you never know what will happen. Bottom line: the Twins need 3 out of 4 here. The first one may be hardest to get.

Today’s Playoff Odds: 23%