2009 Proves Defense Matters


Don’t believe me? Let’s take a peek:

Twins wOBA (AL Rank): .335 (5)

Tigers wOBA (AL Rank): .328 (9)

Twins FIP (AL Rank): 4.36 (7)

Tigers FIP (Al Rank): 4.53 (11)

Twins UZR: (AL Rank): -35.6 (12)

Tigers UZR (AL Rank): 44.0 (3)

The Tigers pitching has been below average as a whole, and outside of Justin Verlander it has been pretty awful. But because they have Adam Everett, Placido Polanco and Brandon Inge in the infield, Rick Porcello looks really good. Scott Baker has a better FIP than both he and Edwin Jackson, but because the Twins insist on having terrible outfield defense, his numbers look worse. Assuming the Tigers hold on to their division lead, it won’t be because they are a better team than the Twins, it will be because the Twins refused to put their best team on the field.