The greatest thing to come out of Canada since James Naismith (hey I’m a Kansas fan, what did you expect?) is out for the year with a back injury. A stress fracture to be exact. Since July 28th Morneau was hitting an abysmal .158/.257/.293. I have to take back all the horrible things I said about him.

Basically, Morneau’s injury is a stress fracture of the lumbar region. He should be fine with plenty of rest and relaxation. He will have to cut back on his offseason workouts, but that may be a good thing as recently Morneau has stepped up his workouts more and more and seen his performance decline sooner and sooner. Joe Mauer had the whole offseason off, and it seems to be working for him. Here’s hoping it does the same for Morneau. Even with the month of ineffectiveness, Morneau has the best ISO (.242) of his career, and his wOBA (.370) is second only to his MVP season in 2006. Get well soon.

And now to the playoff odds update: Twinkie Talk will daily be updating the Twins playoff odds from now until the end of the season (or when they hit 0, which hopefully won’t happen). Today’s playoff odds are at 14.1% via