Perkins’s Grievance


According to MLBTR and the Star-Tribune’s Joe Christensen, Twins lefty Glen Perkins may file a grievance over service time manipulation this season. Perkins was activated from the DL on September 2nd, but he was optioned to AAA rather than staying up with the Twins. If he is shut down for the season, as is expected, the lack of service time will mean that Perkins will miss out on being a super 2 player, potentially costing him millions.

A Super 2 player basically is one who accrues enough service time in his first two years of play to qualify for arbitration, rather than having to wait the usual three seasons. Perkins has complained numerous times over the season about pain in his shoulder, and many times it has coincided with poor performance.

My take on the situation is this: If Glen Perkins wasn’t a shitty pitcher, this would be more of an issue. If he was good and the Twins decided to shut him down anyways to manipulate service time we might be onto something. But, Perkins has a 4.65 FIP, only strikes out about 4 batters per nine, throws a fastball in the mid 80s to low 90s, has no movement, and has to live on the edge of the plate to even have  a shot.

In summation: Glen Perkins, worry about not sucking before you worry about money.