Two Comparisons


Player A: 4.50 FIP, 5.14 K/9, 2.33 BB/9, 37.3% GB rate, 9.7% HR/FB

Player B: 4.07 FIP, 6.43 K/9, 1.72 BB/9, 45.5% GB rate, 11.2% HR/FB

Player A was traded for Luke French, a lefty who will probably be a clone of the guy he was traded for (Jarrod Washburn) and Maurico Robles, a high ceiling lefty. Player B (Carl Pavano) was traded for Yohan Pino, a player who was not even mentioned by John Sickles in his preseason ranking of Twins prospects. Just like I (and many others) said, Jarrod Washburn has completely collapsed after getting him away from the best outfield defense in baseball and getting him out of a park that kills right handed power. The Pavano trade is easily the best of the  Bill Smith regime so far.

Next one:

Player A: .288 wOBA, 3.0% walk rate, 26.0% K rate, 16.4% LD rate, 37.3% O-Swing (swinging at pitches outside the zone)

Player B: .287 wOBA, 6.4% walk rate, 23.2% K rate, 20.7% LD rate, 28.7% O-Swing

Player B already seems better. But factor in that his O-Swing has gotten better every year, his LD rate has improved every year, and he’s good at hitting balls in the zone. Now factor in that he is one of the best centerfielders in baseball. Yet another way to show that Carlos Gomez should be playing over Delmon Young.