Twins Record By Uniform


First off, I’d just like to apologize to the vest uniforms. You are still ugly as all hell, but wouldn’t you know it, the Twins have their best winning percentage in those monstrosities.

Here’s The Breakdown:

Home Whites: 8-6 record, 76 runs scored, 70 runs allowed, +6 differential

Road Grays: 8-14 record, 67 runs scored, 90 runs allowed, -23 differential

Navy Alternates: 12-10 record, 127 runs scored, 92 runs allowed, +35 differential

Dome Throwbacks: 3-4 record, 42 runs scored, 38 runs allowed, +4 differential

Vests: 4-2 record, 28 runs scored, 33 runs allowed, -5 differential

So the grays are the real culprit. It makes sense, because the Twins are absolutely terrible on the road. They’ve done a bit better on the road as of late, but still awful. Interestingly, they’ve worn the navys on the road a bit more lately. Coincidence? The huge run differential in the navys stands out, but most of it is due to the 20-1 smackdown they laid on the White Sox. Take that out, and the Twins sit at +16, still a good number but hardly great. Basically: scrap the grays cause they’re not only terrible to look at, they don’t play well in them, lose the vests because they’re ugly, and welcome to the playoffs.

I’ll be keeping a running total of how the Twins do in various uniforms throughout the year, as well as which pitchers fare well in which uniforms. The choice of the dome throwbacks is set in stone, as all Saturday home games have those uniforms, but I’m assuming the starting pitcher picks on the other days. Some guys like the vests a little bit too much (hello, Francisco, and you wonder why you suck), and others, like Scott Baker, are more traditionalist. Maybe the Twins need to bring back their other navy uniform and wear that one only on the road.