Podcast with Seth Stohs


Last night I was on Seth Stohs’ weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast (3/24 edition).  He had me on about 15 minutes into the show, but i recommend you listen from the beginnning.  On before me was Twins minor leaguer Zach Ward.  You can listen to it here.

In addition to the weekly podcast, you can read Seth’s work online here.  He does an excellent job covering the Twins with a strong focus on the minor leagues.  His interviews with Twins minor league players are always very well done and enjoyable to read. 

Seth also did a great service to Twins and baseball fans everywhere by writing and publishing the 2009 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook.  It has been come an oft-tapped reference for yours truly, so take my recommendation and order a copy to support his efforts.  I’ll make it easy on you, just click.

Finally I want to personally thank Seth for having me on last night.  It was a lot of fun, but then again talking baseball always is!