Dennys Reyes Signs With Cardinals


Yesterday, as reported by Buster Olney of ESPN, Dennys Reyes agreed to a 2 year $3 million contract with the St. Louis Cardnials.

Aaron Gleeman had a perfect take on Reyes over on his website, so I am quoting it here.  I strongly encourage all Twins fans to read his work on at least a weekly basis.

"It took much longer than expected for him to sign, but Dennys Reyes agreed to a two-year, $3 million contract with the Cardinals yesterday and the Twins will receive a nice supplemental first-round draft pick as compensation for losing him as a free agent. The Twins signed Reyes to a minor-league deal in February of 2006 and ended up getting 126.1 innings of a 2.14 ERA and a supplemental first-round pick for around $2.5 million.And it wasn’t a bad gig for Reyes either. He threw an average of just 9.7 pitches per appearance during three years with the Twins, which would qualify as not breaking a sweat most of the time if not for the fact that his nickname is “Big Sweat.” He earned a cool $1,300 per pitch while holding left-handers to a .202 batting average and his 0.89 ERA in 2006 is the best in Twins history among pitchers with 50-plus innings."