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Opening Day Poem For Minnesota Twins Fans

Spring has sprung and the time is here

To go to the park and drink a beer

While you’re there, you’ll need a couple

This year’s prospects are less than supple


Opening Day is always an occasion

Yet another year without a banner raising

But don’t you worry, the future is bright

Even if Sano’s elbow got a little too tight


Go through this year with a smile on your face

Don’t try to yell when Jason Bartlett plays third base

Remember that Joe Mauer is a hall of fame hitter

His move to first makes him a day-game non-sitter


You’ll scratch your head and you’ll wonder why

They’ll score no runs and a part of you will die

But you’re a true fan and you’ll stand strong

Be on the bandwagon and prove them haters wrong


The rotation is better, the bullpen is legit

Think how many times Gardy’ll want to quit

They’ll be a mess, but a mess of our own

We’re a support group, you won’t be alone


Buxton is coming and Arcia is already here

Buy your tickets, sit down and cheer

They’re our boys of summer, our diamond darlings

At least we’re not fans of the Miami Marlins

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