Minnesota Twins: 5 best middle infield duos in team history

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 25: Brian Dozier
LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 25: Brian Dozier /
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No. 2 – 1995 Middle Infield

Chuck Knoblauch and Pat Meares

It is just amazing how continually an overall team can perform poorly, but a position group can perform well. The 1995 Twins and their middle infield give us another example of that. That 1995 team went 56-88 and finished 5th in the American League Central.

In 1995, second baseman Chuck Knoblauch had his best season up to that point in his career. He hit .333/.424/.487, 11 home runs, 34 doubles, 8 triples, and 46 stolen bases. Knoblauch’s season performance earned him his first Silver Slugger award as well as attention in the MVP race.

Pat Meares formed the other side of the infield in 1995. By many accounts it was Meares’ best season as a pro where he was able to slash .269/.311/.431. He also added 12 home runs, 19 doubles and 10 stolen bases.

This combination of Knoblauch and Meares really could have made this list twice with their 1997 season being very good as well. Meares recorded his best season according to WAR in 1995 with a WAR of 2.8. Knoblauch saw his best season according to WAR (8.6) 1996 when he also led the league in triples. 1995 was still very solid for Knoblauch as well with his WAR of 6.4. Knoblauch’s 1996 season remains the Twins leading single-season WAR for a middle infielder.

It is Meares’ and Knoblauch’s combined WAR of 9.5 in1995 that helps them finish second on our list.