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Losing My Podcast Virginity: Talking Twins With The Indians

Today, I will be making my 2014 Target Field debut. That is not the only first that I have partaken in recently. I lost my podcast virginity this week as well.

You’ll never look at podcasts the same way again. I’m sorry.

Anyway, I was invited by Merrit Rohlfing of Wahoo’s On First, our Cleveland Indians Fansided siblings, to come on their podcast, Wahoo’s on the Mic. I accepted and we recorded a podcast. It’s fun the things you can do with technology.

Anyway, we recorded this on Monday and I thought I’d share it with all of our Pond dwellers.

Check out the Wahoo’s On The Mic Podcast here or on iTunes here.

Sadly, if you search my name in the iTunes store still nothing comes up. Might as well be when I drop my debut hip-hop album, huh.

Anyway, once you’re done with my Wahoo’s appearance, check out the latest Talk to Contact Podcast as well.

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