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Minnesota Twins' Chris Colabello Snubbed On All-Star Ballot

MLB All-Star Game voting is a joke. I’ve felt this way for a number of years about every league and the fans voting for who is the best in the game. We know that Derek Jeter will be the starting shortstop in July at Target Field even if he had a concussion, two broken arms and a rolled ankle. Sometimes they just can’t even get the ballot right.

Chris Colabello is not on the All-Star Game ballot. What a joke. I’m not sure who picks who’s on the ballot, but Colabello not being on there is a travesty.

The ballot features Oswaldo Arcia and Josh Willingham as the outfield for crying out loud. These two have barely player, so they have no chance at making the All-Star team. Jason Kubel is listed as the team’s DH, Kubel has had a fast start, but Chris Colabello is still more deserving.

Heck, at this point Colabello is much more deserving than listed first baseman Joe Mauer, but it’d be embarrassing if the All-Star Game Ambassador doesn’t even make the team.

It’s hard to know if Colabello will keep up this hot streak and be a worthy All-Star candidate, but he’ll be more of a candidate than Willingham and Arcia will be this year no matter what happens.

Get your typing fingers ready, we must all write in Chris Colabello. It’s our civic duty. #WriteInCCRake

Other Twins listed on the ballot: Kurt Suzuki, Brian Dozier, Trevor Plouffe, Pedro Florimon and Aaron Hicks.

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