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Minnesota Twins Call Up Eduardo Nunez For Game Two of Doubleheader

Ten days ago, the Minnesota Twins acquired Eduardo Nunez from the New York Yankees. If the name sounds familiar that’s because for a while it was seen that Nunez would be Derek Jeter’s heir apparent, that’s obviously not the case anymore.

The Twins sent Nunez to Triple-A Rochester after the trade and has been doing fairly well in six games with the club. That success has brought Nunez to Target Field on Thursday to be player 26 for the second game of the doubleheader.

Major League Baseball has a rule that if a game is postponed to the next day and is made part of a doubleheader, the teams can add a 26th man for the day. It was designed to keep bullpens from drying up, but with the Twins already carrying 13 pitchers there was really no need for another.

The arrival for Nunez may be just for the evening or it might be for a long time. It’s no secret that current shortstop Pedro Florimon has been struggling mightily at the plate, but has been strong in the field. Nunez looks to be in-line to be Florimon’s replacement, because apparently no one likes Eduardo Escobar as me much as me and some of my fellow bloggers.

In his six games at Rochester, Nunez is hitting .318/.318/.500, has played two games at short and second and one game in right field.

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