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Minnesota Twins Chris Herrmann Recalled, Jason Bartlett to DL

He’s back! I’m excited! You know that one person you are insanely attracted to, but you can’t explain why. You just simply are attracted to them. That’s the best way to explain my man-crush on Chris Herrmann. I like his versatility and the double-r, double-n thing is really quite cool, but that alone probably shouldn’t start ablaze of a man-crush, but alas, here we are.

Herrmann comes up so the Twins can actually have a backup outfielder instead of the Benny Hill music inspiring performance by Jason Bartlett in Cleveland on Sunday. The move will also allow manager Ron Gardenhire to DH Josmil Pinto and not have to worry about losing the DH if his starting catcher gets hurt. It’s just too bad Herrmann wasn’t on the Opening Day roster like he should have been.

Speaking of Jason Bartlett, apparently he has sprained his ankle and he will be the one headed to the disabled list. It was thought that it would be either Josh Willingham or Oswaldo Arcia.

Also, according to the Pioneer Press, the hot hitting Chris Colabello will get the start in right field today for the Twins with the outfield still being quite beat up.

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