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Sunday Confessional: The Brighter Side of the Miguel Sano Situation

I’d hate to write off the 2014 season for the Minnesota Twins before it even starts, but that’s what it’s going to come off as. I preface this all with saying, I think the Twins might be okay in 2014. The Twins might be somewhat competitive now that they have pitching that can actually pitch.

Now that Miguel Sano is out for the season with his soon to be Tommy Johned elbow, there looks to be nothing positive from this development. There really isn’t much. It hurts greatly when a top prospect goes down for a whole season, but since it’s still spring and the Twins haven’t lost yet, I’m going to shed some positive light.

Think how fantastic 2015 is going to be.

Seriously, stop freaking out about Miguel Sano’s surgery and think a year further down the line. It’s a quite beautiful scenario.

In 2015, Byron Buxton will be ready to go. The Twins will have even better pitching than they do today.  These pieces should all be ready to go on Opening Day 2015. From Game 1 to Game 162 and beyond the Twins will have a young core with Miguel Sano as a major cog of it.

Yes, this is a setback, but not the end of the world. Miguel Sano will be 21-years-old next Spring Training. The best is yet to come. Good  things come to those who wait.

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