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Sunday Confessional: I Hate Spring Training

The prophet Tom Petty once said that the waiting is the hardest part and I can’t agree more. I’m an instant gratification guy, I like what I like and I like it right away. I don’t like what I want to be 27 hours away from me and this is why I hate spring training.

It’s a little crazy, but love makes us crazy. Baseball is being played by my team, but I’m nowhere close to where they are. Sure, they’re getting better, but I can’t see them do it other than on my TV screen. They are far enough away for 81 games of the year.

Seeing the sunny skies and the green grass just hurts. It hurts even more when I look out my window and I see snow, snow and more snow.

Spring Training is a sign of spring coming, but it just isn’t here. I sound like a cry baby, but sometimes we just need to cry a little bit. It’s better to cry for five minutes than to bottle up that anger.

Through the tears, I’ll be smiling a little bit because even the worse heartbreaks can be healed by a little glimpse of the Minnesota Twins even from hours away.

Tom Petty also spoke some inspirational words for the Minnesota Twins: even the losers get lucky sometimes.

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