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Sunday Confessional: Joe Mauer Should Be the Minnesota Twins Leadoff Hitter

It’s a crazy idea, but I am here to change the game.

The leadoff hitter should be full of speed, they say. He should be able to steal bases, they say. They say that a leadoff hitter should be able to easily stretch a single into a double. I say that my leadoff hitter only hits doubles.

I propose that when Ron Gardenhire pens his Opening Day lineup that right at the top for the Minnesota Twins is newly minted first baseman Joe Mauer. Why? Because Mauer just gets on base.

Mauer doesn’t fit the typical mold of a leadoff hitter, that’s for sure, but hear me out.

In order to win baseball games you need to score runs. In order to get runs you need to get on base. Joe Mauer gets on base more than anyone on the Twins roster. Getting Mauer more at-bats equals more base runners which equals more runs. It’s an obvious equation to me, but math and me don’t typically get along.

On the projected Twins roster, I don’t see anyone who is the mold for a leadoff hitter, so now is the perfect time to try this experiment. It’ll be Byron Buxton’s job in a year, so let’s make life exciting for a season.

My equation could be wrong, but I want to give Mauer the most plate appearances as possible. Putting him first in the lineup does that. Stack the top of the lineup with all of the talent the Twins have and punt the bottom part of the lineup.

The Twins need offense and this is a way to boost it. Mauer’s not a power hitting first baseman, but he could be a leadoff first baseman.

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