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Minnesota Twins Were Shocked Back To Life 12 Years Ago Today



Twelve years ago, the Minnesota Twins were fighting for their life and 12 years ago today the Twins got word that they would get at least another year. It was February 5, 2002, when Major League Baseball owners decided to postpone contraction. Thanks to the Minnesota Supreme Court refusing to hear MLB’s appeal of the Twins being forced to play out their contract for 2002 in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Contraction has always fascinated me, I was young and I didn’t fully understand what was going on. I just remember watching baseball players in suits on ESPN and that if something didn’t go right, that the Twins might be gone.

Looking back the threat of contraction was probably a great thing for the Minnesota Twins. The Twins finally started winning again after a horrid stretch in the 90’s and it did eventually result in the beauty that is Target Field.

Folks in Montreal might disagree with how great that contraction is but it made things happen here in Minnesota. If Target Field wasn’t so new, I’d almost suggest threating contraction again to get this ship right again.

The Twins were down to their last breath just over a decade ago and now we have a shiny new stadium with a bright future.

Can you tell spring is almost here? It must be because I’m full of optimism.

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