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Minnesota Twins 40-Man Roster: A Poem

Here’s a poem about the Minnesota Twins, the 40-man only having 39 spots filled at the moment and baseball being just around the corner. Enjoy!


Andrew Albers is headed to Korea

Twins fans all can say ‘see ya’

His departure leaves a spot open

Now it’s a question who Terry’ll rope in


Bronson Arroyo is still on the market

He has been rumored as a target

Nelson Cruz has also been mentioned

I’d suspect he’d cost too much pension


Pitchers and catchers report very soon

Among them might be Suk-min Yoon

An extra third baseman’s name hasn’t been sung

All we know, is that it won’t be Michael Young


Stay strong, because winter’s almost through

Soon baseball’s here and we’ll ‘woo-hoo’

Until then please don’t you fret

Just visit the pond named after Kirby Puckett

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