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January 28: Historic Day for the Minnesota Twins

January 28 is a very momentous day in Minnesota Twins lore. Two very important events in Twins history have occurred on this day, both, obviously, not occurring on the playing field.

First of all, we have a bonus. In 1901, on this day the American League (formerly of the Western League) officially organized as a major league after being a minor league. This move did drop the Minneapolis Millers from a high level of competition, but it did pave the way for the Minnesota Twins. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The first one directly involving, kinda, the Minnesota Twins occurred in 1985. On this day is 1985, the wrecking ball was taken to Met Stadium. This of course was to make way for the Mall of America and the Twins and Vikings would move downtown to the Metrdome.

The biggest story from January 28 in Twins history occurred three years ago. It was on that day when team president Dave St. Peter announced that the trees would be removed from the batter’s eye of Target Field. The move made the ball easier to pick up for hitters, which is debatable if you look at the Twins’ stats, but more importantly paved the way for excessive Twitter jokes.

As you sit at your desk today, think about how truly historic this day is.

While you’re doing that check out Twins Trivia. The site is fantastic and where I got the information on January 28. There’s hours of absolutely awesome stuff over there for Twins die-hards.

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