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Congratulations! You Are a True Minnesota Twins Fan

Congratulations! You, by visiting this site in the middle of January, are a true baseball fan. Isn’t that cool?

The common sports fan right now is fully engaged in Manning/Brady XLVI and Niners/Seahawks, but not you, baseball fan, not you. You are currently on a blog that is solely dedicated to a team that has lost 90-plus games the past three seasons. You should be celebrated, you should be the Super Bowl halftime show and you are awesome.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those fans that are fully-football focused will probably come around the week after the big one in New Jersey, when they realize that Spring Training is upon them, but there not big time like us.

We sit here and talk about how the Twins are interested in a washed-up third baseman while everyone else talks about another washed up third baseman and what they heard about him on 60 Minutes. We care more about Mark Reynolds than Alex Rodriguez and I love that so much.

These are the doldrums, minimal transactions and no real baseball to talk about, yet we still care about our national pastime. Our maybe we just want to get to the Twins Comic Con that is Twins Fest and the after party that will be the Twins Daily Winter Meltdown.

Whatever it is, you are a true Minnesota Twins fan and that’s kind of neat!

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