Ex-Minnesota Twins Pitcher Boof Bonser Follows Bud Light on Twitter

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I love Twitter. Twitter has made the nightly news pretty much a dinosaur, because if utilized right Twitter can supply you all the sports, entertainment and news that you could possibly desire. You can also follow things that aren’t any of those, just ask ex-Minnesota Twins pitcher Boof Bonser.

Twitter now throws in ‘promoted’ tweets from different corporations, when they do this they do label one of the people you follow as a follower of the promoted Twitter account. On Friday night, I came across a promoted tweet for Bud Light, which seems accurate since as a young male, I am probably in the bullseye of their target demographic.

I noticed that the ‘so-and-so follows’ blank was filled in by Boof Bonser. It just seems like a Boof Bonser thing to do. Hell, it seems like a guy named Boof thing to do.photo 2

God love Boof Bonser. This isn’t even the craziest example of a known name following a corporation. I always see a promoted tweet from Tide laundry detergent. Tide is apparently followed by Questlove of The Roots and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I’m quite skeptical that Quest does his own laundry.

I’m not skeptical that Boof Bonser doesn’t enjoy an ice cold Bud Light every now and then. Boof Bonser is a real man of genius.

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