One Man's Winter Longings...

Concerning the dangers of wishful daydreaming during the long, cold winter:

It’s officially winter. Christmas has come and gone, and other than a chance to get drunk on New Years’ Eve and a trip to Target Field for Twins Fest, there is little of anything worthwhile on my winter schedule. I am ready for spring. I am ready for baseball. The following is a list of things to be careful daydreaming about while we all suffer through the long, cold winter.

What you expect spring training to look like:



What spring training actually looks like:



The snow bunny you hope to meet this winter at Twins Fest:


The snow bunny you REALLY meet while visiting Target Field:


The cute Twins fan you hope to sit next to on opening day:


The Twins fans you’ll be sitting next to on opening day:





Be careful what you wish for my friends. Winter is long and cold and you’ll be forced to suffer.  Enjoy the cold. Have a snowball fight, go shoot up a case of beer cans/bottles (after drinking them, of course), learn to ski, but most of all don’t let your imagination get away from you. You have been warned.


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