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Border Battle Weekend: Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers

It is border battle weekend in Minnesota. Saturday afternoon the #19 Wisconsin Badgers come into Minneapolis to take on the #25 Minnesota Golden Gophers. On Sunday, it’s just the opposite with the 2-8 Minnesota Vikings headed into Lambeau Field to take on the 5-5 Green Bay Packers. The border battle isn’t all about football, though.

The Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers have faced off 427 times in the history of baseball and like most competitions between the two neighbors, the series is extremely close.

In the overall standings, the Twins hold a 218 wins lead over the Brewers who have won 209 times. The Twins numbers have been boosted since Milwaukee moved to the National League in 1998. Since the rivalry became an interleague matchup the advantage goes to the Twins 45 games to 35 games.

The American League version of the series was as close as it could be without tying. The series ended with the Milwaukee Brewers winning 174 games, the Twins winning 173.

43 players in the history of baseball have played for both the Brewers and the Twins, a sampling of the names: Grant Balfour, Henry Blanco, Tom Brunansky, Carlos Gomez, J.J. Hardy, Brian Harper, LaTroy Hawkins, Corey Koskie, Kyle Lohse and, of course, Paul Molitor.

It’s always been a close battle between the two states and it should be a fun weekend, at least on Saturday when it’s two competent teams on the field instead of the Scott Tolzien Packers and the Christian Ponder Vikings.

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