Gardenhire using all of his energy managine nearly collapses from exhaustion. And or he's a large lazy man who enjoys comfort over style. Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Twins Haiku 2: Painful Lessons

Ron Gardenhire is back for two more years, and his entire staff is back on one year deals. More of the same in Minnesota. Rumors floating that the Twins may add another member to the staff, specifically a spanish speaker to help with communications and relations with the plethora of Spanish-speaking Twins players and prospects.

Gardy lounging at the rain, very classy Ron. Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

What follows is a haiku that I believe explains the woes of the last three seasons.

Tom Kelly’s Team Wins
Enter Gardy and Bill Smith
90-loss Seasons

Check back next week for more podcast gold from the Talk to Contact boys, and Haiku’s that the boys over in Japan wish they had written themselves.

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